Physiology without borders



Physiology without borders


Fisiología sin fronteras




The present number of Revista Cubana de Investigaciones Biomédicas presents a group of short communications belongs from the papers presented as posters in the Second Pan American Congress of Physiological Sciences. This congress was held in Havana in Palacio de las Convenciones from May 27 to May 31th 2019.

La Sociedad Cubana de Ciencias Fisiológicas was the local organizer of this congress that join physiologists from the entire Occidental hemisphere as well as others ones from other parts of the world. Physiologists from 28 different countries participated.

The main topics of the congress was: Cardiovascular Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Gastrointestinal Physiology, Muscle Physiology, Neurosciences, Renal Physiology,Respiratory Physiology, Teaching, Tropical Diseases and Physiology, Hypertension,Women in Physiology, Science Divulgation, Neuroimmunology, Physiological Journals and Physiological response in vaccination among other ones.

Since 2014 when the First Pan American Congress of Physiological Sciences occurred in Iguazu Falls, Brazil, several societies from the entire continent start a joint work with Sociedad Cubana de Ciencias Fisiológicas in order to organize this congress. The participant societies are the American Physiological Society, la Sociedad Fisiologica Argentina, la Sociedad Brasileña de Fisiología, Caandian Physiological Society, La Sociedad Colombiana de Fisiología, la Sociedad Chilena de Fisiología y la Sociedad Mexicana de Fisiología joint with the International Union of Physiological Societies (IUPS).

The organizing committee celebrate several meetings during the period 2014-2018, thee times in USA during the annual Experimental Biology Congress and one time in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil in 2017 jointly with the 38th Congress of IUPS .

This number includes a representative group of papers as short communications from the poster section of the congress. Finally you can find the abstracts presented at the meeting.

With this number Revista Cubana de Ciencias Fisiológicas opens the possibility to present short communication in addition to originals, reviews and letter to the Editor and the possibility to publish papers in English too.

On the other hand it can be accepted new topics that include Bioinformatics, Robotic Medicine and Biotechnology according with the science development all over the world. One of the most important sections is Letter to the Editor because it will be possible to receive your critics about the published papers. It will be a fantastic way to encourage the exchange among scientists from everywhere and to improve the quality of science.

In 2019 we are welcome a prestigious group of physiologists and of other scientific personalities that increment our Editorial Committee staff belongs from USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia that will contribute to increase the quality of our journal and to became a reality our editorial title: Physiology without borders.

Our Journal are indexed in the most important databases included Latindex, SciELO and Scopus and we hope to increase the visibility in the following years publishing outstanding papers not only from Cuba and Latin America as right now. We hope to expand our profile to extend it to Europe and the rest of the world. You can help us to fulfill this purpose.

Finaly we would like to acknowledge the help from Alexander Ariel Padrón González, MD and José Enrique Alfonso Manzanet ,MSc and all the ECIMED staff including editors and translators that check all the details in order to be possible this number.


Alberto Juan Dorta Contreras

Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana. Cuba.
President of the Local Organizing Committee of the Second Pan American Congress of Physiological Sciences and Director of Revista Cubana de Investigaciones Biomédicas.

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